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Logos are more than just a pretty face. Personality counts, and we purposefully brand logos you can count on.

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  • Vector made

    At Venbit we use vectors for 100% of our logos. A decision you will thank us for. Vector images are made of math, not pixels. It’s a dynamic format that renders perfectly at any size. Who knows where your brand will show up? We certainly don’t, so just to be sure, we design in a format that looks as good on a phone screen as it does on a billboard. All this at no extra cost.

  • Print & web friendly

    We design once for use anywhere. All our logos look as good off the screen as the do on it. Simple considerations now, save time and money down the track.

  • Custom creations

    For designs as unique as your brand we guarantee that all our digital art is 100% original. No templates. Nothing repurposed. Just good old, designers doing what they do best.

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Building strong, winning brands

Branding is the glue that hold the face of a business together. Any cracks and the facade slips. That’s why the image that you present to the world needs to be flawless. We believe that this starts with the right logo. A logo that embodies your personality. That your target demographic sees and they feel a connection to. The type of connection depends on your businesses’ goals. Whether you are trying to inspire confidence or build the right vibe. We got you.

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Custom logos for any business in Seattle WA

Quality design, reassures people they are dealing with a quality brand. That’s what we set out to accomplish with all our logos. We want to create industry leading logos for all our clients. Designs that people follow.

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  • “The perfect representation”

    “We wanted a logo that was simple, easy to use, to the point, and modern and we believe Venbit created the perfect representation of that vision.”

    -Pat & Sue
    UDISTCO Construction Services, Owners

  • “Regularly get compliments”

    “Our company logo was over 10 years old, Venbit transformed our old logo into a beautiful 21st century design that we regularly get compliments on! ”

    -Mike N.
    3 Plates LLC, Owner

  • “Venbit nailed it”

    “We’re a new start up and creating a logo to look professional and credible was critical. Venbit nailed it. I’m extremely happy with the design and the process in how it was created!”

    -Nicole H.
    Cloudyy Inc, CEO

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Print isn’t an afterthought. At Venbit we’ve cultivated phenomenal print talent who never let us forget just how important it is that all our designs effortlessly transition off the screen. Finding experts like ours is tough in this digitally driven age. It’s easier to simply trust the Venbit experts who know the design and print industry front to back.


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How To Create A Bellevue Logo Design

When creating a logo, it’s critical to collaborate to assure the correct vision is represented in the final design. Our process makes this task unique, understandable, and easy!

1. Contact Us

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2. Initial Consultation

Meet in person or on a call to determine goals and plan the design

3. Design Phase

We create the logo and send design concepts to you based off our notes from Step 2

4. Revisions/finalization

We revise the logo with your feedback until satisfaction

5. Provide file formats

Multiple file formats are provided including the vector and images ready for immediate online use

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