Full-Service Website Upkeep

Website Maintenance

Cut downtime and keep business running smoothly. With the capability to fully manage and maintain your site, we keep your site running with customized support packages based on your specific needs and comfortability.

  • Free Migration! Get Venbit expert support with no migration costs!
  • Continued support & service on standby
  • Investment protection with the Venbit Warranty
Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance plans

Designed for both the size and the needs of your company


Resources to keep you online with expert support quickly available





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  • Economic hosting
  • Backup servers available
  • Expert support on standby
  • Access with www.
  • Standard security standards


Limited Warranty

Powerful essential services for any website along with all services from the Economic plan!





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  • Easy to understand analytics report of website performance per month
  • View demographics including mobile device, location, hits, gender, age, and more
  • Limited website warranty*
  • Free expanded data pulls (year over year or month over month)
  • Standard security, firewall licenses included, malware & spam protection

Full Service

Full Warranty

All benefits from Essentials + the Venbit team offering our full website maintenance services along with a full warranty for your website





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  • All services from Essentials & Economic plans
  • Up to 3 hours per month of website maintenance and updates
  • 48-72 hour change request turnaround
  • Lightning speed emergency support is available
  • Discounted additional work hours
  • Full website warranty*
  • Advanced hosting for high-traffic websites
  • Advanced security, premium firewall licenses included, active anti-spam, advanced malware protection

1Yearly is a 1-year agreement full for 12 payments over 12 months from the date of purchase whichever is closest to the 1st or 15th of the month. 2 Monthly plan is a no-contract commitment, three-month minimum.
Additional fees may apply to the Full-Service plan for large sites, e-commerce websites, or larger than normal custom websites. Venbit holds the right to deny service on any website for any reason on any plan. Website maintenance is defined as regular updates or maintenance tasks, not additions.
Illegal or offensive content will be removed or denied service.
*Full website warranty includes all costs, time, & licenses to restore the website to the condition it was built in or to the last backup stored regardless of user or provider error. Venbit is not liable for lost or declined business due to downtime and will work as fast as possible to restore the website without billable hours.
*Website Cancelation of hosting must give a 30 days notice
*Limited website warranty includes provider protection recovery and 50% discounted restoration price if downtime is due to user or 3rd party error.

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Why Venbit web maintenance?

Making a complex update is as simple as sending an email.

Companies come to us specifically because of the on-going website maintenance services that we provide. Whether your website is transferred into us or we created it ourselves, we offer robust solutions to keep you online and serviced. Customer service is our top priority and offering ongoing maintenance solutions keeps your website active, updated, and secure.

Most clients utilize our powerful cloud hosting and see long-term benefits from the regular updating and onsite SEO services we render. Enquire today, updating your site is as easy as sending us an email!

Website Maintenance and Upkeep

Utilize our team and top web technologies

Protect your asset & update with ease

Dedicated professionals on standby

Each website is added to our cloud-based servers. We have quick access to your website and use secure channels to access all the core files needed to make your update quick. Most changes only require a 48-72 hour turnaround!

Emergency availability

If you need emergency work or an update made, we offer quick turnaround times, sometimes within a few hours or less.

Top of the line server technologies

We currently run eight cloud-based servers to easily handle your tasks such as Google Maps, YouTube, Stripe, PayPal, Flickr, Salesforce, WordPress, and more!

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Our most important features

Venbit clients utilize the following the most


Hosting & security

Cloud-based internet hosting

Stay online, keep secure, and receive regular backups automatically. Hosting with Venbit allows quicker access and turnaround times on changes and updates too!


Maintenance & updates

Keep updated without worry

Need to update a photo, video, paragraph, or anything else? We can help! A professional website developer and designer is on standby to correctly implement your requests!

Data Tracking

Data tracking

View trends make wiser decisions

As a part of any critical marketing campaign, tracking your data is crucial. We send reports each month showing easy-to-understand data points concerning your website.

Common website maintenance tasks

Keep your website ahead of the curve

General updates and changes

Need to change a picture, add a paragraph, or create a new page? General updates are extremely common tasks in maintaining a modern website.

WordPress Updates

WordPress issues updates often which can break or deny access to certain critical features/plugins on your website.

Security Updates

To prevent spam, hacks, or vulnerabilities, your server and backend code must be updated to assure your website is locked down.

SEO Updates

Google and other search engines regularly change their algorithms to improve search results. It is important to keep updated with their suggestions


Your website is a set of computer files that need to be protected and backed up. Our servers automatically backup your website on a regular basis.

WordPress Updates

WordPress issues updates often which can break or deny access to certain critical features/plugins on your website.

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