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At Venbit, we’re a local graphic design agency based in Mill Creek WA. We strive to provide the best graphic designs for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to make a lasting impression with their logo, website, or other graphics. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and can provide excellent quality work for your needs.

Our work has been featured on:

Entrepreneur Logo
Venture Beat Logo
Market Watch Logo
Mill Creek Living Magazine
Everett Herald
Tech Crunch
Marketing Land
Business Card Design and Print Design

Graphic Designer Mill Creek WA

Vector, raster, web, & print designs

We specialize in graphic design services such as logo design, logo creation, illustrations, vector designs for logos and more. Our team will work with you from start to finish to ensure that each step of the process is tailored to your unique needs. We offer free quotes as well so you can get an idea of what it would cost. Additionally, our customer service is second to none so you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with experienced professionals who understand your vision and make sure it’s delivered on time and within budget.

Vector design

We work with vector-based graphics so you can scale and use your design in large or smaller formats.


We have options to also produce and fulfill your print designs as well. Shipped to your door or business.

Raster designs

We can make designs in a raster format most frequently used for the web, social media, and other online platforms!

Match existing collateral

Need your new designs to match an existing look and feel? We can mimic and match other design standards!

11+ years in graphic design

Experience & consistent quality

At Venbit we focus on Quality, Reputation and Expertise when it comes to providing our customers with high-quality graphics designs services. Our team has won awards from Expertise and PS 2020 award among others which showcases the level of commitment that we put into every project we do. We guarantee satisfaction for each job done by us because we know how important a good reputation is for any business when it comes to success in this field.

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Generic Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design on Various Use Cases

No matter what type of graphic design you need to be done, Venbit has got you covered! Whether it’s a logo design or website design or SEO optimization – we have extensive experience in all areas of Graphic Design and can help take your business or organization to the next level with top-notch visuals that will stand out from the crowd! From creating custom logos for companies or organizations to helping non-profits spread awareness about their cause; our team has worked on numerous projects big and small so no challenge is too big for us!

When it comes down to choosing a Graphic Design provider in Mill Creek WA there are many options available but why should you choose Venbit? What sets us apart from other providers is our focus on customer care, the speed at which we produce results, the attention is given during the production process as well as the easy process used by us which makes everything smoother for both parties involved! Our team has been in this industry long enough now that they know how important details are when it comes down to making sure quality materials are used while keeping prices low enough without compromising on visual appeal! So if you’re looking for someone who understands Graphics Designing inside out then look no further than Venbit Mill Creek WA!

Custom Designed Business Cards

Design to make your company stand out

Experience, specialty, & an easy process

Reputation, experience, and quality

The Venbit design team has built its reputation on delivering high-quality, branded solutions in a range of industries and in a variety of formats.

Established local graphic design agency

Located in Mill Creek WA, we service small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’re available to meet in person!

Print Fulfillment

In addition to designing your products, we can also fulfill your print products as well. Inquire today!